Friday, 8 June 2012

A long one with a bit of everything

Its been a busy couple of weeks last week i spent most the week making cakes etc for my youngest sons birthday and this week the boys have been off school so not been able to get much stitching done but i do have an update for pirate dragon
I'm not doing this one page by page I'm just doing it whichever way feels best at the time.

Ive also brought some new bits i want to make for gifts
first up is a bookmark for my 7 year old
I started this yesterday but the kids was having none of it so i put it away again

Next is one for my nan and one for my partner (it shouldn't be hard working out with goes to who)

Ive ordered more bits which i will post up about when they come.

I also want to try and make a well done card up tonight for my 9 year old as he had his first dance exam last week and gets his results tomorrow.

I also wanted to share a couple of photos from my sons birthday
Here's his cake which Ive got to say I'm proud off we made it our selves and its our first real attempt at anything like this

and here's a pic of the birthday boy first thing
as you can see (along with a bit of 9 year olds leg and 1/2 7 year olds face) he was a little overwhelmed it took us almost 2 hours to get him to open everything he really don't like ripping paper ans will not throw the paper on the floor every little bit has to go straight into the bin.

Thanks for looking I'm not off to try and do some stitching while the boys are in a somewhat good mood.


  1. Happy birthday to your little boy.

    Lovely projects, definitely something for everyone!

  2. That Kama Sutra cross stitch is awesome!!! Where did you find it?